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17 Qualities your sales team must have

qualities of a good sales team
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17 Qualities your sales team must have

For great financial success, sales is the key for any business and sales team is the real asset of the organization. Improving marketing activities and good customer service will not run your business unless until there is consistent flow of sales and the business will inevitably fail.

Business owners or the key stake holders of any organization often face the toughness of task to identifying a good sales person. In order to produce high sales numbers, you must bring onboard good sales people with all such qualities and skills who can produce desired results.

Businesses that understand the importance of sales hires experienced salespeople to handle their sales activities. These are people who understand the dynamics of selling. You set your sales goals as the stake holder and your salespeople develop the strategy to accomplish said goals. Hiring the best to handle sales is a must if a company is serious about increasing its customer base to earn more market share. Business owners often face the tough task of identifying a good salesperson.

Here are the 7 skills every salesperson should master:

  1. Must be capable to engage in conversation, and solve the pain points of the prospects. Instead of focusing on forced selling, sales person must be capable of provide customers with a solution.
  2. Sales person must know how to listen and must understand what is the need of the prospect. Listening solves the problem of uncovering the information relevant to the subject from prospects perspective and double the chances to convert the prospect into a customer.
  3. Must know how to build trust and must communicate within a position of authority. They must know how to get the prospect to open up and be responsive with the issues or concerns they have.
  4. Must learn to disqualify prospects as not everyone that identifies as a prospect is a qualified prospect.
  5. They must be ambitious, bold, healthy, optimist and must genuinely believe in what they are selling.
  6. They must be confident and motivated and self-driven.
  7. They must be courteous, honest and ready to help others.
  8. They must be smart enough to use open ended and close ended questions while dealing with prospects.
  9. Good sales person must always be looking to improve, get better and be a quick learner.
  11. Sales person must have the quality to drive his inner urge with passion and flair to sell with integrity.
  12. Must be curious salesperson who can put himself in prospects shoes and understand their problem and offer a solution that meet their needs.
  13. Must know how the customer problems can be eliminated with clear examples or case studies of other customers who have used your product or services.
  14. Must know how to give solution to the focused goal of the prospect offering them value for money deal and creating win-win situation for both within the preferred budget range of the prospect.
  15. They must know to learn from their mistakes and grow from challenges.
  16. Self- awareness is the key to success and the sales professionals who are self-aware are more deliberate to close the deal and also know very well how to repeat it.
  17. They must be very good at reading prospect’s emotions and must be aware of knowing when to be more influential and when to back off.
Vrinda Singhania – Content Writer & Recruiter – NGe Jobs
Vrinda Singhania
Content Writer & Recruiter
About the Author: Vrinda is Content writer and Recruitment In-charge with NGe Jobs. Vrinda knows that people hire people, not resumes. She enjoys preparing resumes for individuals who are changing careers and loves to write situational content.

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Great Opportunity for Freelance Recruiter – work from Home initiative by NGe Jobs. We also offer Free Job Postings and Business opportunity postings to Employers. Visit our Guest Article Submission Blog to showcase your talent. Multiple Job opportunities. Nirmal Gyan Enterprises is registered with National Career Service (Ministry of Labour & Employment)

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