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Employee Retention Initiatives

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Employee Retention

Is taking Employee Retention initiatives now more important than before?

Now a days, employers have to work hard to hang on to their best staff.  Employee retention can be defined as the vintage of the employ for which they stay with the organization.

Here are few good reasons why businesses should be working hard on employee retention initiatives

If Good employee leaves, it has crushing effect on the morale of the staff left behind.  Presenting with the right benefits and opportunities to the employees is the one strategy that employers should be embracing upon.

Attracting and retaining employees is fundamental to business success. Employees are the greatest assets to any company and high attrition can have big negative impact on any company’s performance.

Cost of Hiring new talents and training them is of considerable cost. In case of high attrition, there is the issue of drop in productivity too by the employees serving their notice periods.  

Employees also feel motivated if they believe that the company is really appreciating their service and job commitment.  Job satisfaction leads to employee retention

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