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Social Recruiting | Recruitment Marketing – Are You Ready

Almost every candidate is active on social media, hence social recruiting is most important part of Recruitment. Social Recruiting revolves around social media platforms, to broadcast job roles and find the right candidates for the right job.

To boost response rates and increase engagements, Recruiters need to make their interactions genuinely valuable for the candidates seeking Job. Candidates must be able to learn about jobs and the company in a way that they find pleasant to work with.

Likes and Clicks makes Recruiters feel good about their social recruiting strategy, provided that they bring passive candidates to your door. The key problem and the possible solution to Social recruiting is – How to differentiate yourself and attract the best?

A famous saying “if you fail to close a candidate, your primary goal should be to understand the root cause.”

Key Reason is High Competition.  Recruitment marketing gives recruiters a framework to approach and engage with best talent from the industry.

What actually work is to understand candidate motivations and how you can craft job descriptions and adverts that actually work.

Recruitment is marketing. Roughly 75% of candidates are not hunting for job, these ‘hard-to-reach’ candidates are the ones that you need in your reservoir of talent pool. These candidates are unlikely to turn directly to any recruitment agency.

Key is to engage with them continuously via Social Recruiting.

Content in Social Recruiting lets you control your client company want to deliver and target the right candidates.

Permission Marketing is best to build the talent pipelines with lower recruitment costs.  Candidates must be nurtured with targeted messages. Candidates must be offered to sign up for your agency career newsletter and job alerts.

Email marketing the best bet for recruiters to win the hearts and minds of passive candidates. Creating emails powerful enough to make candidates from passive to active is the key to success.

Lazy Recruiters are ready and happy to spam 1000 candidates in the hope to get a single response and closure – Avoid this.  Figure out the candidates who are a best fit and then meet their particular needs – This is the way to success in Recruitment.

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