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Employee Reference Check

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Employer Ref Check

What is the Question Employer need to ask in Reference Check?

The most effective way to do business is “Trust but verify”. In the world of Recruitments, reference checks are a valuable tool for recruiters and corporates.

Reference check help to confirm the accuracy of information about candidate’s background, their previous employment dates, job titles, nature of duties and about their supervisors. It also helps to check whether the candidate is an excellent culture fit or not. Former supervisors and colleagues can bring light to candidates’ performance in various situations and previous assignments undertaken and the past misbehaviours if any.

Communication must be simple and effective while doing a reference check. It must not be an interrogation.

Be Deliberate while performing a Ref check. The purpose of Ref check is to clear the candidate for hiring and find discrepancies if any in the job seekers background. Make sure to find and contact the right persons who can answer questions about the candidates past performance.

Reference check of a candidate is done to get a third-party assessment of the candidates’ previous achievements. Questions must be asked about various challenges the candidate faced, what were the actions taken by him and what were the results achieved.

Let the reference speak freely and without interruption about the candidate to get the full picture of a candidate and take a confident hiring decision. Finally, you must have the maturity to investigate the discrepancies before escalating them.

Ask the following questions:

  • What were the candidates joining and separation dates?
  • Is the candidate re-hire able by your company?
  • What were the candidates Job duties and performance objectives & his core competencies?
  • Is there anything else that can be worthwhile for our company to know about the candidate as we are going to hire him?
  • Was the candidate consistent & timely performer of the team?
  • How does the candidate treat peers and superiors at work?

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“Nourishing Careers, Enriching Lives”

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Question Employer need to ask in Reference Check

The most effective way to do business is “Trust but verify”.  In the world of Recruitments, reference checks are a valuable tool for recruiters and corporates…..

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