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8 Strong Networking Tips

  1. While looking at your current resources, you will notice that you are connected with people with similar interests or career goals. Process of swapping information begins when you start speaking to your current friends about your interests or career plans. So socialize a bit to enhance your network.
  2. Reconnect with ex-colleagues. Your former colleague might be aware about your strengths and also can recommend you for a new job or assignment.
  3. Use online social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook or join some social WhatsApp groups to start interacting with new people particularly those that are in your same kind of industry or are relevant to your career goals.
  4. Look for professional associations in your area and join them so that you can interact and engage in face-to-face interactions.
  5. Network with people to form mutually beneficial relationship, hence you must always remember to reciprocate. So, whenever you ask for something or expect someone to be a helpful contact than you should always think about how you can help him/her in return.
  6. When we meet new people, it’s not just a Meet and Greet – It’s always a Hope to Re-meet. Always keep in mind to give a helping hand to others if you want to earn the privilege and honour to be able to meet them again.  Meeting people is the biggest opportunity to build relationships.
  7. Always keep your one hand free to allow yourself to shake hands with people. Remember in an event build relation you are not there to have a full-course meal, you are there to network.
  8. Never approach two or a group of people who are talking as you might interrupt an important discussion. So initiate conversation with the one who is standing by himself or herself as they will be happy to have someone joining them.
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